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What is DECCAN?

DECCAN is a network of Dietitians actively working with Australia’s Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) population that are collaborating to improve patient care and outcomes.

DECCAN was established in 2017 by Jessica Fitzpatrick and has over 60 members across Australia and New Zealand. DECCAN is providing a platform for its members to improve their clinical knowledge, share research opportunities, disseminate research outcomes and develop clinical pathways that endeavour to improve the outcomes for IBD patients across the public and private healthcare sector.

DECCAN’s Vision

To create a collaborative health care network that promotes and fosters access to equitable, safe, efficacious, evidence based and high-quality dietary care for those living with IBD.

DECCAN’s Mission

To advocate for the improvement of nutritional care of patients with IBD in all aspects through education, research and collaboration in the area of IBD.


  • Quality: Safe, efficacious, and compassionate patient care
  • Integrity: Honest and ethical behaviour
  • Interdisciplinary: Fostering a community of professionals representing all disciplines and areas of interest in nutrition support therapy
  • Excellence: The highest quality research, education, and evidence-based clinical practice
  • Mentorship: Leading the development and training of nutrition support therapy professionals
  • Discovery: New ideas and innovation​